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(Salads) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Wash the cauliflower carefully, tie in a cloth and cook in boiling salt
water until thoroughly tender. When done, remove the cloth, pour two
tablespoons of lemon juice over the cauliflower and set it on the ice to
cool. When ready to serve, separate the flowerets, lay them on lettuce
leaves, cover with French dressing and sprinkle one tablespoon of
chopped parsley over the top.
Use small eggplants. Place on end of toasting fork under broiler gas
flame until the peel is black; remove the skin. The eggplant will then
be tender; chop with wooden spoon, add lemon juice, parsley chopped
fine, and olive oil.

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Take some thin slices of cooked beets, some cold cooked potatoes, some
cold cooked cauliflower, and a little chopped parsley. Pour over the
following dressing and add salt and pepper to taste:
Put one level teaspoon of mustard, one teaspoon anchovy sauce, one
tablespoon of milk or cream, and one dessertspoon of vinegar. Mix the
mustard with the anchovy, then add the milk, and lastly the vinegar.
Tomatoes are equally good served in the same way.

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1 Cauliflower--3d.

Half a Lettuce--1/2d.

2 Eggs--2d.

1/2 gill Oil and Vinegar--1d.

Total Cost--61/2 d.

Boil the cauliflower by directions given elsewhere and branch it
carefully. Boil the eggs hard, separate the whites from the yolks; chop
the whites small and cut the yolks in slices. Shred up the lettuce in a
bowl and put the branches of cauliflower all round it, and the slices
of yolk of egg outside as a border. Pour on the salad dressing and put
the white of egg in little heaps on the lettuce. It is then ready to

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Cauliflower Salad

This salad is what Mrs. Rorer terms delicious served with her favorite

French dressing. Take a head of cauliflower and boil in a piece of fine

cheesecloth. Remove from the cloth, drain and sprinkle over it two

tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar and stand aside to cool. At

serving time break the head apart into flowerets, arrange them neatly on

a dish; sprinkle over a little chopped parsley or the wild sorrel; cover

with French dressing made as follows; put a half-teaspoon of salt and as

much white pepper into a bowl; add gradually six tablespoons of olive

oil. Rub until the salt is dissolved, and then add one tablespoon of

vinegar or lemon juice. Beat well for a moment and it is ready to use.

It is much better if used at once.

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12 Cauliflower Salad

Save part of a boiled cauliflower and cover with mayonnaise, arrange on

lettuce leaves and serve.

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