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Champagne Punch

(Desserts And Cakes) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

In a bowl place one sliced orange, one lime sliced very thin, and
the juice of another lime, one-fourth of a pineapple sliced, and
one-fourth of a pound of sugar. Let stand twelve hours. Put a large
block of ice in a punch bowl, add the above ingredients with a
wine glass of Maraschino, two tumblers of sauterne, a wine glass of
raspberry syrup, and last of all, one quart of champagne, a few whole
straw-berries and a claret glass of Benedictine may also be added.

Other Recipes

Champagne Punch

To the juice of 20 lemons add 1 pound powdered sugar. To every quart of

this solution add 1 quart rum, 1 of brandy, 1 of champagne. Dilute with

ice to suit the taste. This is extra fine.

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