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Heat two cups of milk and one of grated cheese; then add two cups of
fine bread crumbs, half teaspoonful of mustard, pepper and salt; mix
it well. Spread thickly between thin slices of buttered toast.

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The filling for the toasted cheese sandwiches calls for a cup of soft,
mild cheese, finely cut, and stirred over the fire with a tablespoon of
butter until the cheese is melted. Enough milk to moisten, perhaps not
more than one-eighth of a cup, is then added, with salt, mustard, and
paprika to taste, and the whole is stirred until creamy and smooth.
Slices of bread are very thinly buttered, the cheese mixture spread on
generously, each slice covered with another slice, and set away until
the filling cools and hardens, when the sandwiches are toasted on both
sides and served hot.

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12 Guava And Cheese Sandwiches

Butter twelve slices of bread; spread six of them with guava jelly and

the other six with cream cheese. Put a guava and a cream cheese

together. Press them and trim the edges.

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Cheese Sandwiches

Cream one-third tablespoon butter and add one-half tablespoon, each,

finely chopped cold boiled ham and cold boiled chicken; then season

with salt and paprika. Spread between slices of Gruyere cheese cut as

thin as possible.

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Cheese Sandwiches

Half a pound of grated cheese, one tablespoonful of butter, the yolks of

two hard-boiled eggs mashed very fine and a teaspoonful of mayonnaise

dressing. Mix the ingredients thoroughly; butter before cutting from the

loaf some slices of brown or white home-made bread; spread with the

mixture and fold together.

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Nut And Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Boston brown bread buttered on the loaf and cut in very thin slices;

spread with a filling of cream cheese and chopped walnut meats; press a

buttered slice over it. They may be cut in fingers, rounds or

half-moons. The proportion is three-quarters of a cup of nuts to a

ten-cent package of Philadelphia cream cheese. This quantity will make a

large number of sandwiches.

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Cheese Sandwiches No 1

Butter thin slices of pumpernickel or brown bread; put between each two

slices a very thin layer of Swiss cheese, put two together, and cut into

triangles; garnish with cress.

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Cheese Sandwiches No 2

Chop fine a quarter of a pound of soft American cheese; put it into a

saucepan, add the yolk of one egg beaten with two tablespoonfuls of

cream, a saltspoonful of salt, a dash of red pepper and half a

teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce. Have ready cut and buttered a

sufficient number of slices of bread, either white or whole wheat. Stir

the cheese over the fire until it is thoroughly melted; take from the

fire and when cool spread it between the slices of bread and butter;

that is, spread it on one slice and cover with the other; press two

together and cut into forms.

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Cheese Sandwiches No 3

Rub or pound until perfectly smooth or well mixed one tablespoonful of

butter, two tablespoonfuls of soft club-house cheese, a tablespoonful of

grated Parmesan, a saltspoonful of salt, and a teaspoonful of anchovy

paste; add a teaspoonful of tarragon vinegar and a half saltspoonful of

pepper. Cut the bread into thin slices, toast it until it is crisp, not

hard; spread this mixture on one slice, cover it with another, and cut

into shapes.

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Workman's Cheese Sandwiches

Cut slices of brown bread about a half inch thick. Do not remove the

crusts. Take a half pint of cottage cheese; press it through a sieve;

add to it two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, a half teaspoonful of

salt and two tablespoonfuls of thick cream. Beat until smooth and light.

Spread each slice of bread thickly with the cheese mixture, then put a

very thin slice of white bread on top of the cheese, then cheese and

brown bread, press together. Have the outside brown bread with a layer

of cheese on each, and between the layers of cheese a slice of white

bread. These are palatable, and are very much better for the average

workman than bread and ham.

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Deviled Cheese Sandwiches

Put one pound of American cheese through your meat chopper. Add two

tablespoonfuls of tomato catsup, one teaspoonful of Worcestershire

sauce, a half teaspoonful of paprika, a dash of cayenne, two

tablespoonfuls of olive oil or melted butter, four tablespoonfuls of

sherry and a half teaspoonful of salt. Mix until perfectly smooth, and

spread between thin slices of buttered bread; trim the crusts and cut

into triangles.

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