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One cup of grated cheese, one cup of flour, a small pinch of cayenne
pepper, butter same as for pastry; roll thin; cut in narrow strips.
Bake a light brown in a quick oven. Serve with salads.

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From MISS HATTIE T. HUNDLEY, of Alabama, Lady Manager.
One cup of bread crumbs, very dry and fine; two scant cups of milk;
one-half pound of old cheese, grated; three eggs, whipped very light,
and one tablespoonful of butter. Season with pepper and salt and a
pinch of soda dissolved in hot water and stirred into the milk. Soak
the crumbs in the milk, beat with these the eggs, butter, seasoning,
and lastly the cheese; put into a buttered baking dish, put dry bread
crumbs on top and bake in a rather quick oven until a delicate brown.
Serve immediately.--_Mrs. Henderson's Cook Book_.

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Cheese Sticks No 2

3 ounces of butter; 3 ounces of flour; 3 ounces of moist, rich cheese.

Mix together and mould into a paste. Roll out and cut into strips about

one-half inch wide and five long. Bake in a quick oven. A very nice


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Cheese Sticks No 1

1 cup of grated cheese; 1 cup of flour; a little cayenne pepper; butter

same as for pastry. Roll thin; cut in narrow strips, and bake a light

brown in a quick oven. (Serve with salad.)

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