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(Pastry.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Warm four ounces of butter, mix it with the same quantity of
loaf-sugar sifted, grate in the rind of three lemons, squeeze in
the juice of one, add three well-beaten eggs, a little nutmeg, and
a spoonful of brandy; put this mixture into small tins lined with a
light puff paste, and bake.
Cheesecakes can be varied by putting almonds beaten instead of the
lemon, or by substituting Seville oranges, and adding a few slices of
candied orange and lemon peel.

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Treat here, ye shepherds blithe! your damsels sweet,

For pies and _cheesecakes_ are for damsels meet.


Put two quarts of new milk into a stewpan; set it near the fire, and

stir in two tablespoonfuls of rennet; let it stand till it is set (this

will take about an hour); break it well with your hand, and let it

remain half an hour longer; then pour off the whey, and put the curd

into a cullender to drain; when quite dry, put it in a mortar, and pound

it quite smooth; then add four ounces of powdered sugar, and three

ounces of fresh butter; oil it first by putting it in a little potting

pot, and setting it near the fire; stir it all well together; beat the

yolks of four eggs in a basin with a little nutmeg grated, lemon-peel,

and a glass of brandy; add this to the curd, with two ounces of currants

washed and picked; stir it all well together; have your tins ready

lined with puff paste, about a quarter of an inch thick; notch them all

round the edge, and fill each with the curd.

Bake them twenty minutes.

Other Recipes

Almond Cheesecakes

Take a quarter of a pound of Jordan almonds and twelve or fourteen

apricot or peach kernels; blanch them all in cold water, and beat them

very fine with rose-water and a little sack. Add a quarter of a pound of

fine powder sugar, by degrees, and beat them very light: then put a

quarter of a pound of the best butter just melted, with two or three

spoonfuls of sweet thick cream; beat them well again. Then, add four

eggs, leaving out the whites, beaten as light as possible. When you have

just done beating, put a little grated nutmeg. Bake them in a nice

short crust; and, when they are just going into the oven, grate over

them a little fine sugar.

Other Recipes

Cocoa-nut Cheesecakes

Take a cocoa-nut, which by many is thought far superior to almonds;

grate it the long way; put to it some thick syrup, mixing it by degrees.

Boil it till it comes to the consistence of cheese; when half cold add

to it two eggs; beat it up with rose-water till it is light: if too

thick, add a little more rose-water. When beaten up as light as

possible, pour it upon a fine crust in cheesecake pans, and, just before

they are going into the oven, sift over some fine sugar, which will

raise a nice crust and much improve their appearance. The addition of

half a pound of butter just melted, and eight more eggs, leaving out

half of the whites, makes an excellent pudding.

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