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(Beverages) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

The little wild cherry is excellent for this purpose, as the stone
kernels contain alcohol. Wash carefully, sugar plentifully, and add
whole spice, cloves (with the heads removed) and stick cinnamon. Fewer
cloves than the other spices. Get good whiskey and allow one-half as
much cherries as whiskey. To a quart bottle allow scant half pint
sugared cherries to one and one-half pints of whiskey. Bottle and seal.
Let stand at least two months. Open, shake bottle well and taste, and if
necessary add more sugar. Seal again, and let stand another month. Is
not good under three months and the older it gets the finer it becomes.

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Take a peck of cling-stone peaches; such as come late in the
season, and are very juicy. Pare them, and cut them from the
stones. Crack about half the stones and save the kernels. Leave
the remainder of the stones whole, and mix them with the cut
peaches; add also the kernels. Put the whole into a wide-mouthed
demi-john, and pour on them two gallons of double-rectified
whiskey. Add three pounds of rock-sugar candy. Cork it tightly,
and set It away for three months: then bottle it, and it will be
fit for use. This cordial is as clear as water, and nearly equal
to noyau.

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