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(Beverages) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

To one gallon of brandy allow two quarts of cherries. Mash and pound
them until all the stones are broken, put in the brandy and add a pound
of cut loaf sugar. Set in the sun for two or three weeks, shake daily,
strain and bottle.

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Cherry Brandy

Four pounds of morella cherries, two quarts of brandy, and twelve

cloves, to be sweetened with syrup of ginger made in the following

manner: one ounce and a half of ginger boiled in a quart of water, till

reduced to half a pint; then dissolve in it one pound and a half of

sugar, and add it to the brandy. It will be fit for use by Christmas.

After the cordial is made, you can make a most delightful sweetmeat with

the cherries, by dipping them into syrup, and drying them in a cool


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