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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

To three pounds of sweet and one pound of sour cherries allow two pounds
of sugar. Weigh the cherries when stemmed and pitted. Make a syrup of
the sugar, add cinnamon bark and cloves. Put in the sweet cherries
first, adding the sour ones half an hour later; boil down thick and
cover the jars with brandied paper.

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Pitted, red sour cherries were weighed, put through food-chopper, and
to each pound of cherries and juice add 3/4 pound of granulated sugar.
Cook about 25 minutes until syrup is thick and fruit looks clear. Fill
marmalade pots, cover with parafine when cool, or use pint glass jars
and seal. One is sure of fruit keeping if placed in air-tight jars.

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Cherry Marmalade

Take eight pounds of cherries, not too ripe; stone them; take two pounds

of sugar beaten, and the juice of four quarts of currants, red and

white. Put the cherries into a pan, with half a pound of the sugar, over

a very hot fire; shake them frequently; when there is a good deal of

liquor, put in the rest of the sugar, skimming it well and boiling it as

fast as possible, till your syrup is almost wasted; then put in your

currant juice, and let it boil quick till it jellies; keep stirring it

with care; then put it in pots.

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