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Chicken Alla Cacciatora

(The Italian Cook Book)

(Pollo alla cacciatora)

Chop one large onion and keep it for more than half an hour in cold

water, then dry it and brown it aside. Cut up a chicken, sprinkle the

pieces with flour, salt and pepper and saute, in the fat which remains

in the frying pan. When the chicken is brown add one pint fresh or

canned tomatoes and half a dozen sweet green peppers and put back the

onion. When the gravy is thick enough add hot water to prevent the

burning of the vegetables. Cover the pan tightly and simmer until the

chicken is very tender. This is an excellent way to cook tough chickens.

Fowls which have been boiled may be cooked in this way, but of course

young and tender chickens will have the finer flavor.

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