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Chicken And Veal Pot Pie

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

If the pie is to be made of chickens, joint them--boil the meat until

about half done. Take the meat out of the liquor in which it was boiled,

and put it in a pot, with a layer of crust to each layer of meat, having

a layer of crust on the top. The meat should be seasoned with salt and

pepper--cover the whole with the boiled meat liquor. If you wish to have

the crust brown, keep the pot covered with a heated bake pan lid. Keep a

tea kettle of boiling water to turn in as the water boils away--cold

water makes the crust heavy. The crust for the pie is good like that

made for fruit pies, with less shortening, but raised pie crust is

generally preferred to any other. It is made in the following

manner--mix together three pints of flour, a tea cup of melted butter, a

tea spoonful of salt, then turn in half a tea cup of yeast--add cold

water to make it sufficiently stiff to roll out. Set it in a warm place

to rise, which will take seven or eight hours, unless brewer's yeast is

used. When risen, roll it out, and cut it into small cakes. Potatoe pie

crust is very nice. To make it, boil eight or nine small potatoes, peel

and mash them fine, mix with them a piece of butter, of the size of a

hen's egg, a tea spoonful of salt, a tumbler full of milk, and flour to

render it of the right consistency to roll out. When rolled out, cut

them into cakes, and put them with the meat. If you happen to have

unbaked wheat dough, very good crust may be made of it, by working into

it a little lukewarm melted butter. Let it remain, after you have rolled

and cut it into cakes, about ten or fifteen minutes, before putting it

with the meat.

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