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(Receipts For Invalids.) - (The Jewish Manual)

After the white parts have been removed for the panada, return the
rest of the chicken to the saucepan, with the liquid, add one blade
of mace, one slice only of onion, a little salt, and a piece of lemon
peel; carefully remove every particle of fat. Vermicelli is very well
adapted for this broth.

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Cut the chicken into small pieces and place it in a deep earthen dish;
add one quart of water; cover it and set over a kettle of boiling water,
letting it steam until the meat of the chicken has become very tender.
Strain off the broth and let it stand over night. In the morning remove
the fat and return the liquid to the original earthen dish.

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Chicken Broth

Draw, singe, and cut a chicken into four quarters; wash these, put them

into a clean saucepan with a quart of water, and set the broth to boil

on the fire; skim it well, season with two ounces of sago, a small sprig

of thyme and parsley, and a little salt. Allow the broth to boil very

gently for an hour, and then serve some of it with the sago in a cup,

and, if allowed, give the patient the chicken separately.

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A Cheaper Kind Of Chicken Broth

In large towns it is easy to purchase sixpenny-worth of fowls' necks,

gizzards, and feet, which, prepared as indicated in the foregoing

Number, make excellent broth at a fourth part of the cost occasioned by

using a fowl for the same purpose.

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Chicken Broth For The Invalid

Procure a dry-picked Philadelphia

roasting chicken; cut it in halves; put one half in the ice box; chop

the other half into neat pieces; put it into a small saucepan; add one

quart of cold water, a little salt and a leaf of celery; simmer gently

for two hours; remove the oily particles thoroughly; strain the broth

into a bowl; when cooled a little, serve to the convalescent. Serve the

meat with the broth.

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Chicken Broth

The _chicken broth_ was brought at nine;

He then arose to ham and wine,

And, with a philosophic air,

Decided on the bill of fare.

Take the remaining parts of a chicken from which panada has been made,

all but the rump; skin, and put them into the water it was first boiled

in, with the addition of a little mace, onion, and a few pepper-corns,

and simmer it. When of a good flavor, put to it a quarter of an ounce of

sweet almond beaten with a spoonful of water; boil it a little while,

and when cold take off the fat.

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Chicken Broth

Heat the broth in which the fowl for Sunday dinner was

boiled, and when it is at the boiling point throw in quarter of a pound

of rice, or fine macaroni, which will cost three or four cents, and boil

it about twenty minutes, or until tender; see if the seasoning is right,

and serve it hot.

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