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Chicken Cooked

(Chicken--cooked) - (Made-over Dishes)

Chop fine the dark meat left over from timbales, add a half can of finely
chopped mushrooms, a teaspoonful of salt, a half teaspoonful of pepper, a
tablespoonful of chopped parsley, a dozen blanched and finely chopped
almonds and one raw egg; mix thoroughly and form into balls the size of an
English walnut. Arrange these over the bottom of a saucepan, cover with
stock, add a bay leaf, a slice of onion and of carrot; cook slowly a half
to three-quarters of an hour; drain, saving the stock. Dish the balls in
the center of a platter, put around the edge a row of potato bullets,
outside of that small triangles of toast. Put a tablespoonful of butter
and one of flour into a saucepan; mix, add a half pint of stock in which
the balls were cooked, stir until boiling, take from the fire, add the
yolk of one egg beaten with two tablespoonfuls of cream; add a half
teaspoonful of salt and a dash of pepper; strain this over the balls and

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