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Chicken In Aspic Jelly

(Little Dishes Of Fish.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Cut the white part of a cold boiled chicken, and as many similar pieces

of cold ham, into neat rounds, not larger than a florin. Run a little

aspic jelly into a fancy border mould, allow it to set, and arrange a

decoration of boiled carrot and white savoury custard cut crescent

shape, dipping each piece in melted aspic. Pour in a very little more

jelly, and when it is set place the chicken and ham round alternately,

with a sprig of chervil, or small salad, here and there. Put in a very

small quantity of aspic to keep this in place, then, when nearly set,

sufficient to cover it. Arrange another layer, this time first of ham

then of chicken, fix them in the same way, and fill up the mould with

aspic jelly. When the dish is turned out fill the centre with cold green

peas, nicely seasoned, and garnish round with chopped aspic and little

stars of savoury custard. To make this, soak a quarter of an ounce of

Nelson's Gelatine in a gill of milk, dissolve it over the fire, and stir

in a gill of thick cream, season to taste with cayenne pepper and salt,

and, if liked, a little grate of nutmeg. Pour the custard on to a large

dish, and when cold cut it into the required shapes.

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