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(EntrÉes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Slice three or four livers from chicken or other fowl and dredge well
with flour. Fry one minced onion in one tablespoon of fat until light
brown. Put in the liver and shake the pan over the fire to sear all
sides. Add one-half teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of paprika and
one-half cup of strong soup stock. Allow it to boil up once. Add one
tablespoon claret or sherry and serve immediately on toast.

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From MRS. GOVERNOR EDWIN C. BURLEIGH, of Maine, Second Vice President
Board of Lady Managers.
Joint the chicken; cut in small pieces; remove the skin; put into
tepid water. Have ready a frying pan with hot melted butter; put the
chicken into the pan and fry to a delicate brown; then put into a
kettle, cover with water and boil very slowly for an hour. Season.
Remove chicken and thicken gravy with flour.
JAMBOLAYA. (A Spanish Creole Dish)
From MISS KATHARINE L. MINOR, of Louisiana, Fourth Vice President
Board of Lady Managers.
Cut up the remains of a chicken or turkey, cover with water, and stew
until the substance is extracted; then shred the meat. Wash one pound
of rice carefully and set aside. Put one tablespoon of lard into a
porcelain-lined saucepan; add a small spoon of finely chopped onion
and a tomato; then put in the shredded fowl and liquid in which it was
boiled, adding the rice, red pepper and salt; sufficient water must be
added to cover the rice, which must cook and steam until soft, but not
wet or like mush.

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