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Take a pair of young, tender chickens and cut them into neat joints.
Lay them in a deep pudding-dish, arranging them so that the pile shall
be higher in the middle than at the sides. Reserve the pinions of the
wings, the necks, and the feet, scalding the latter and scraping off
the skin. Make small forcemeat balls of fine bread crumbs seasoned
with pepper, salt, parsley, a suspicion of grated lemon peel, and a
raw egg. Make this into little balls with the hands, and lay them
here and there in the pie. Pour in a cupful of cold water, cover the
pie with a good crust, making a couple of cuts in the middle of this,
and bake in a steady oven for an hour and a quarter. Lay a paper over
the pie if it should brown too quickly. Soak a tablespoonful of
gelatine for an hour in enough cold water to cover it. Make a gravy
of the wings, feet, and necks of the fowls, seasoning it highly;
dissolve the gelatine in this, and when the pie is done pour this
gravy into it through a small funnel inserted in the opening in the
top. The pie should not be cut until it is cold. This is nice for

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Stew the chicken until tender. Line a pan with crust made as you
would baking powder biscuit. Alternate a layer of chicken and pieces
of the crust until the pan is filled; add a little salt and pepper to
each layer; fill with the broth in which the chicken was cooked; bake
until the crust is done. If you bake the bottom crust before filling,
it will only be necessary to bake until the top crust is done. A layer
of stewed chicken and a layer of oysters make a delicious pie. Use
the same crust.

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Prepare and cut up as for fried chicken. Pat into saucepan with just
enough boiling water to cover; add teaspoon salt, 1/8 teaspoon pepper
and, if desired, 1 teaspoon onion juice. Boil slowly 2 hours or until
tender; add water from time to time, as it boils away. When finished
there should be 2 cups of stock. Thicken with 1 tablespoon flour mixed
with little cold water and add 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley.
Serve in border of hot boiled rice.

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25 Chicken Pie Concord Style

Roll puff paste 1/4 of an inch thick, cut in diamond shaped pieces,

chill thoroughly, and bake about 15 minutes. Put a stewed or fricasseed

chicken into a serving dish, reheat the pastry and arrange on top of the

chicken Janet M. Hill in "Boston Cooking School Magazine."

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Chicken Pie

A fowl is cooked (boiled) with flavoring vegetables until done, and is

then cut up as for fricassee; the pieces are seasoned with salt and

pepper and sprinkled with chopped onions, a few mushroom-buttons and

some chopped parsley. The pieces are now put into a pie-dish, legs

undermost, some thinly-sliced bacon is added and some potatoes

Parisienne (spooned with the special potato spoon). The pie-dish is now

filled two-thirds with chicken veloute (chicken-stock thickened with

flour and egg-yolks), and a pie crust is laid over all, pressed to the

edges of the dish and trimmed off. The crust is slit open (so the steam

can escape), it should be painted with egg-yolk, and be baked for one

and a half hours in a moderate oven.

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Chicken Pie

Joint the chickens, which should be young and tender--boil them in just

sufficient water to cover them. When nearly tender, take them out of the

liquor, and lay them in a deep pudding dish, lined with pie crust. To

each layer of chicken, put three or four slices of pork--add a little of

the liquor in which they were boiled, and a couple of ounces of butter,

cut into small pieces--sprinkle a little flour over the whole, cover it

with nice pie crust, and ornament the top with some of your pastry. Bake

it in a quick oven one hour.

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Chicken Pie

Parboil and neatly cut up your chickens; dry them, and set them over a

slow fire for a few minutes; have ready some forcemeat, and with it some

pieces of ham; lay these at the bottom of the dish, and place the

chickens upon it; add some gravy well seasoned. It takes from an hour

and a half to two hours.

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Ham And Chicken Pie

Cut some thin slices from a boiled ham, lay them on a good puff paste at

the bottom of your dish, and pepper them. Cut a fowl into four quarters,

and season it with a great deal of pepper, and but a little salt; and

lay on the top some hard yolks of eggs, a few truffles and morels, and

then cover the whole with slices of ham peppered: fill the dish with

gravy, and cover it with a good thick paste. Bake it well, and, when

done, pour into it some rich gravy. If to be eaten cold, put no gravy.

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