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(Salads And Salad Dressing.) - (Recipes Tried And True)

Shred cold boiled chicken, and measure one pint chicken and one pint
celery; season with French dressing as below, and keep on ice until
ready to serve.
FRENCH DRESSING.--One saltspoon of salt, one-half saltspoon of white
pepper, one-fourth teaspoon of onion juice, one tablespoon of vinegar,
three tablespoons of olive oil, or melted butter; mix in the order
given, adding the oil slowly. When ready to serve your salad, mix it
with the boiled dressing given below; arrange it, and garnish with
BOILED DRESSING.--Mix one teaspoon of mustard, two teaspoons of salt,
two tablespoons of sugar, one-fourth saltspoon of cayenne pepper, one
heaping teaspoon of flour; mix well; then add one egg, well beaten;
and one cup hot water. Put in double boiler, and boil ten minutes.
While it is cooking, add one-half cup hot vinegar. When done, add one
tablespoon of melted butter, or Lucca oil, if prepared. After it is
cooked, turn into a bowl; put on ice until cold; add to salad just
before serving. If you like filberts in the salad, pour boiling water
on them; let them stand a short time, then throw them into cold water;
remove the skins, break into halves; put into salad before you pour on
the boiled dressing.
For a company of seventy-five, use six chickens, and six times both
recipes for dressing, and three pounds of filberts.

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