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Chicken To Fricassee No 1

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Empty the chicken, and singe it till the flesh gets very firm. Carve it

as neatly as possible; divide the legs at the joints into four separate

pieces, the back into two, making in all ten pieces. Take out the lungs

and all that remains within; wash all the parts of the chicken very

thoroughly in lukewarm water, till all the blood is out. Put the pieces

in boiling water, sufficient to cover them, about four tea-cupfuls, and

let them remain there ten minutes; take them out, preserve the water,

and put them into cold water. When quite cool, put two ounces of fresh

butter into a stewpan with half a pint of mushrooms, fresh or pickled;

if pickled, they must be put into fresh cold water two or three hours

before; the water to be changed three times; put into the stewpan two

bunches of parsley and two large onions; add the chicken, and set the

stewpan over the fire. When the chickens have been fried lightly, taking

care they are not in the least browned, dust a little salt and flour

over them; then add some veal jelly to the water in which they were

blanched; let them boil about three quarters of an hour in that liquor,

skimming off all the butter, and scum very cleanly; then take out the

chicken, leaving the sauce or liquor, and lay it in another stewpan,

which place in a basin of hot water near the fire. Boil down the sauce

or liquor, adding some more veal jelly, till it becomes strong, and

there remains sufficient sauce for the dish; add to this the yolk of

four eggs and three table-spoonfuls of cream: boil it, taking great care

to keep it constantly stirring; and, when ready to serve, having placed

the chicken in a very hot dish, with the breast in the middle, and the

legs around, pour the sauce well over every part. The sauce should be

thicker than melted butter, and of a yellow colour.

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