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(Belgian) - (The Belgian Cook-book)

The special point of this dish is that peas, beans, carrots in dice, are
all cooked separately and when they are cold they are placed in a large
dish without being mixed. Decorate with the hearts of lettuce round the
edge and with slices of tomato, and pour over it, or hand with it, a good
[_Mme. van Praet_.]

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Take some long-shaped potatoes, peel them and smooth them with the knife.
Cut them into very thin rounds.
Heat the grease pretty hot, dry the slices of potato with a cloth, put
them into the frying basket and plunge them into the fat. When they are
colored, take the basket out, let the fat heat up again to a slightly
higher temperature, and re-plunge the basket, so that the slices become
quite crisp. Serve with coarse salt sprinkled over.

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This dish comes from the French border of Belgium; it tastes better than
you would think. Take a pound of beef sausages, and preferably use the
small chipolata sausages. (What a delightful thing if the English would
make other kinds of sausages as well as their beef and pork ones!) Fry
then your sausages lightly in butter, look upon them as little beings for
a few moments in purgatory before they are removed to heaven, among the
apples. Keeping your sausages hot after they are fried, take a pound of
brown pippin apples, pare them and core them. Cut them into neat rounds
quarter of an inch thick, put them to cook in their liquor of the
sausages (which you are keeping hot elsewhere), and add butter to moisten
them. Let them simmer gently so as to keep their shape. Put the apple-
rings in the center of the dish, place the sausages round them. This dish
uses a good deal of butter, but you must not use anything else for

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For one pound of minced pork take one and one-half pounds of minced veal;
cut three slices of white bread the thickness of nearly an inch, and
crumble them up; two raw eggs, pepper and salt. Mix it all well, and
place it in the oven for half-an-hour. If you eat this hot, serve it with
a gravy sauce. If you wish for a supper-dish, put salad round the meat.

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Cream Chicory

Clean well and boil several heads of chicory, drain and cool; squeeze

out the water from the chicory and mince it; melt some butter in a

saucepan and cook until the moisture has evaporated; sprinkle with flour

and add hot milk; boil up stirring all the time; season, and cook on

back of the stove fifteen minutes; serve with croutons or bits of toast.

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Chicory Salad

Wash and shake well; select the white leaves and cut in one or two inch

lengths. In the salad bowl mix the oil, salt and vinegar then add the

chicory and mix vigorously with a wooden fork and spoon; add the vinegar

sparingly--1-1/2 tablespoons of vinegar to 6 of oil. A crust of bread

rubbed with garlic is usually added, but the bowl itself may be slightly

rubbed with a cut clove.

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