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Chocolate Cakes

(Cakes.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Whisk a packet of Nelson's Albumen with three teaspoonfuls of cold water

to the strongest possible froth, mix in half-a-pound of finely sifted

sugar, two teaspoonfuls of Schweitzer's Cocoatina, and six drops of

Nelson's Essence of Vanilla; sift paper thickly with sugar, and drop

small teaspoonfuls of the mixture at equal distances on it, allowing

space for the cakes to spread a little. Bake for ten minutes in a

moderate oven.


Boil half-a-pound of loaf sugar in a gill of water until it is beginning

to return again to sugar, when cool add a packet of Nelson's Albumen

whisked to a strong froth with three teaspoonfuls of water, and stir in

a quarter of a pound of Edwards' Desiccated Cokernut. Spread the

mixture, not more than an inch thick, in a greased pudding-tin, and

place in a cool oven to dry. When done cut in neat squares, and keep in

tins in a cool, dry place.

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