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(Desserts) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Beat yolks of three eggs, three tablespoons of sugar till light,
dissolve one heaping tablespoon of grated unsweetened chocolate, one
tablespoon of sugar and one of hot water. When dissolved, add slowly one
pint of milk heated to boiling, pour this hot mixture over the beaten
eggs and sugar, cook in double boiler, stirring constantly till it
thickens; when cool, flavor with vanilla, and place on ice. When ready
to serve, half-fill small punch glasses with the custard, heap over
them sweetened whipped cream, flavored; putting on top of each glass,
and serve cold.

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Take half a pint of rich cream and mix with it a small glassful of
Madeira wine or of good brandy. Pick over some fine cherries and
strawberries, stoning the cherries, and taking out the little center
piece of each strawberry that is attached to the stalk. Lay your fruit in
a shallow dish and cover it with the liquor and serve with the long
sponge biscuits known as "langues de chat" (Savoy fingers).
[_Amitie aux Anglais._]

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Chocolate Custard

Put a pint and a half of rich milk into a double boiler over the fire

with the third of a vanilla bean split and cut in small pieces, let it

come to a boil, and stir in two ounces of fine, sweet chocolate grated

and a lump of butter the size of a walnut. Let it boil for a few

moments, remove from the fire and beat very light four eggs, strain the

chocolate gradually over them, stirring all the time, add a little salt,

and sugar if necessary. Rinse a plain mould in cold water, pour the

custard into it, set the mould in a pan of hot water and bake

twenty-five minutes. Test with a knife. Too long cooking makes the

custard watery. It must be served ice cold and may be prepared the day

before. Serve with cream or soft boiled custard.

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