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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take pickles, cauliflower, beans, little onions and a few green and red
peppers. Cut all up fine, except the onions; salt well overnight, drain
off next morning and put in a large jar. Now mix one gallon or more of
best pickling vinegar with a pound of ground mustard (wet the mustard
with cold water before using). Put in a bag the following spices:
Cloves, whole peppers and mustard seed. Boil the vinegar and spices and
then throw over pickles boiling. Add a tablespoon of curry powder, and
when cold tie up, having previously put a cloth with mustard seed over

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One quart green cucumbers (cut lengthwise), one dozen small cucumbers
(whole), one dozen small onions, one large cauliflower, one quart
small green tomatoes. Put the cucumbers in brine for three days; the
rest scald in salt and water; add pepper and other spices to taste.
Two and one-half quarts vinegar, two and one-half cups sugar, one cup
flour, six tablespoonfuls mustard. Scald the vinegar, sugar, flour,
and mustard. Pour this over the whole bottle; and seal.

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Two quarts small cucumbers, two quarts small onions, two cauliflowers,
six green peppers; cut all, and put in salt and water four hours; then
scald, and drain.
PASTE.--Six tablespoonfuls mustard, one tablespoonful turmeric, one
and one-half cups sugar, one cup flour. Mix all well together; add
cold vinegar to wet it up; pour into two quarts of boiling vinegar.
Pour this on pickles; mix thoroughly, and put in cans.

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One-half peck green tomatoes, two large heads of cabbage, fifteen
onions, twenty-five ripe cucumbers, one pint of grated horseradish,
one-half pound of white mustard seed, one ounce of celery seed,
one-half teacup each of ground pepper, turmeric, and cinnamon. Cut
tomatoes, cabbage, onions, and cucumbers in small pieces, and salt
over night. In the morning, drain off the brine; put on vinegar and
water, half and half; let stand twenty-four hours; drain again; put in
the spices. Boil two gallons of vinegar with three pounds of brown
sugar; pour over while hot; do this three mornings; then add one-half
pound of mustard; stir in when nearly cold.

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From MRS. NELLIE B. PLUMER, of Pennsylvania, Alternate Lady Manager.
Ten pounds peaches--pared; five pounds sugar; one quart best cider
vinegar; one tablespoonful allspice; one tablespoonful mace; one
tablespoonful cinnamon; one teaspoonful cloves. Put the spices in thin
muslin bags. Boil all together half hour; then put in the peaches, and
boil twenty minutes. Take out the fruit with a skimmer, and spread
upon dishes to cool. Boil the syrup until thick, pack the peaches in
glass jars, and pour syrup over them scalding hot.

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From MRS. H.K. INGRAM, of Florida, Alternate Lady Manager.
One-half peck green tomatoes; one dozen peppers; two heads cabbage
(medium size); one-half peck onions; one-fourth peck cucumbers. Chop
fine (or, better still, run through a sausage grinder), and mix
thoroughly with three handfuls of salt. Pour all into a thin bag to
drain for twelve hours, or over night. At the end of this time put
sufficient vinegar to cover into a large iron, tin or porcelain
vessel, and add two ounces black pepper grains, two ounces allspice
grains, two ounces celery seed, one-fourth pound mustard, one pound
sugar. Scald the vinegar and pour contents of bag into it; add the
spices, mix well, and let all come to a boil, and remove instantly.
This will be found equal to the best imported bottled chow-chow.

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From MRS. ALICE B. CASTLEMAN, of Kentucky, Alternate Lady Manager.
Two dozen cucumbers, cut in chunks about an inch thick; two heads of
cabbage, chopped fine. Sprinkle with salt and let stand all night. One
dozen large green peppers, chopped up; five dozen small seed onions.
Soak the onions and peppers separately in salt water all night; next
morning squeeze all the salt water from them. Then place in a kettle a
layer of pickle and a layer of seasoning composed of two ounces of
white mustard seed; two ounces celery seed; one ounce turmeric; one-
half pound box of Coleman's mustard, mixed smooth with vinegar, adding
two and one-half pounds brown sugar. After putting all in the kettle,
cover with vinegar and boil thirty minutes, This recipe makes two
gallons of pickles, and one and one half gallons of vinegar covers it.
Use best cider vinegar.

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