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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Cut in slices two ounces of citron, the same quantity of candied
orange and lemon peel, add to them four ounces of loaf sugar, and four
of fresh butter; line a dish with fine puff paste, and beat up to a
froth the yolks of four eggs and the whites of two, fill the dish with
these ingredients and bake half an hour. The dish should be shallow.

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Citron Pudding

Cream together half a cup of butter and one cup of sugar; add the well

beaten yolks of five eggs, the juice and grated peel of one lemon, and

whip until very light, then add the whites beaten to a froth alternately

with two full cups of flour, through which must be sifted two even

teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Butter a mold lavishly, line it with

strips of preserved citron, using a quarter of a pound for a pudding of

this size, put in the batter, cover and set in a pan with boiling water

in a good oven. Keep the pan nearly full of boiling water and bake

steadily one and one half hours. Dip the mold in cold water, turn out

upon a hot dish, and eat at once with any kind of sweet pudding sauce.

The mold must not be filled more than two thirds full, in order to give

the pudding a chance to swell.

Other Recipes

Citron Pudding

One spoonful of fine flour, two ounces of sugar, a little nutmeg, and

half a pint of cream; mix them well together with the yolks of three

eggs. Put it into tea-cups, and divide among them two ounces of citron,

cut very thin. Bake them in a pretty quick oven, and turn them out on a

china dish.

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