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(Soups) - (Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings)

2 pounds of chopped lean beef
2 quarts of cold water
1 small onion
12 cloves
2 tablespoonfuls of sugar
2 teaspoonfuls of salt
12 whole peppercorns
A dash of cayenne
Juice of half a lemon
Put the sugar in the soup kettle, add the onion, sliced, and shake until
the onion is thoroughly browned and the sugar almost burned; add the meat,
shake it for a moment, and add the water. Cover, bring to boiling point,
and put over a slow fire to simmer for two hours. Add all the seasonings
and simmer one hour longer. Strain through a colander, pressing the
meat. Beat the whites of two eggs slightly, then whisk them into the
warm bouillon, and add the juice of the lemon. Bring to boiling point,
boil rapidly five minutes, let it stand a moment, and strain through two
thicknesses of cheese cloth. This should stand until it is perfectly cold,
so that every particle of fat may be removed from the surface. Reheat to
This will serve ten persons, using ordinary bouillon cups.

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