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Claret Jelly

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One ounce of gelatine, one cup of sugar, the rind and juice of two

lemons, two or three pieces of cinnamon, one and one half pints of

water, one half pint of claret, one glass of brandy. If Cox's gelatine

or Lady Charlotte, is used it will have to be soaked first in a little

of the cold water, if the leaf gelatine, boiling water can be poured on

it. Put all together into a saucepan with whites of three eggs, put on

the fire until it boils and then strain through a flannel bag.

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Claret Jelly

Take one ounce of Nelson's Patent Gelatine, soak for twenty minutes in

half-a-pint of cold water, then dissolve. Add three-quarters of a pound

of sugar, a pot of red-currant jelly, and a bottle of good ordinary

claret, and stir over the fire till the sugar is dissolved. Beat the

whites and shells of three eggs, stir them briskly into the preparation,

boil for two minutes longer, take it off the fire, and when it has stood

for two minutes pass it through the bag. This should be a beautiful red

jelly, and perfectly clear.

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