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Clear Almond Cakes

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take the small sort of almonds; steep them in cold water till they will

blanch, and as you blanch them throw them into water. Wipe them dry, and

beat them in a stone mortar, with a little rose-water, and as much

double-refined sugar, sifted, as will make them into clear paste. Roll

them into any size you please; then dry them in an oven after bread has

been drawn, so that they may be dry on both sides; when they are cold,

make a candy of sugar; wet it a little with rose-water; set it on the

fire; stir it till it boils, then take it off, and let it cool a little.

With a feather spread it over the cakes on one side; lay them upon

papers on a table; take the lid of a baking-pan, put some coals on it,

and set it over the cakes to raise the candy quickly. When they are

cold, turn the other side, and serve it in the same manner.

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