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Cocoa-nut Cakes

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Grate the cocoa-nut on a fine bread grater; boil an equal quantity of

loaf-sugar, melted with six table-spoonfuls of rose-water; take off all

the scum; throw in the grated cocoa-nut, and let it heat thoroughly in

the syrup, and keep constantly stirring, to prevent its burning to the

bottom of the pan. Have ready beaten the yolks of eight eggs, with two

table-spoonfuls of rose-water; throw in the cocoa-nut by degrees, and

keep beating it with a wooden slice one hour; then fill your pans, and

send them to the oven immediately, or they will be heavy.

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Cocoa-nut Cakes

Beat up a packet of Nelson's Albumen with three teaspoonfuls of cold

water to a strong froth, mix with it a quarter of a pound of finely

sifted sugar, and two ounces of Edwards' Desiccated Cokernut. Put sheets

of wafer-paper on a baking-tin, drop small pieces of the cake mixture on

to it, keeping them in a rocky shape. Bake in a moderate oven for ten

minutes, or until crisp.

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