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Cocoa-nut Cheesecakes

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a cocoa-nut, which by many is thought far superior to almonds;

grate it the long way; put to it some thick syrup, mixing it by degrees.

Boil it till it comes to the consistence of cheese; when half cold add

to it two eggs; beat it up with rose-water till it is light: if too

thick, add a little more rose-water. When beaten up as light as

possible, pour it upon a fine crust in cheesecake pans, and, just before

they are going into the oven, sift over some fine sugar, which will

raise a nice crust and much improve their appearance. The addition of

half a pound of butter just melted, and eight more eggs, leaving out

half of the whites, makes an excellent pudding.

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