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(Pies And Pastry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Line a pie-plate with puff paste and fill with the following custard:
Butter size of an egg, creamed with one cup of granulated sugar, one
tablespoon of flour, three-fourths cup of grated cocoanut, one
tablespoon of milk, vanilla, pinch of salt, and the beaten whites of
three eggs.

Other Recipes

Cocoanut Pie A Southern Recipe

One cup of freshly-grated cocoanut, one cup of sugar, three eggs, half a

lemon, juice and grated rind, one-half cup of cream, one-half cup of

butter and one-half cup of cocoanut milk. Beat butter and sugar to a

cream, add other ingredients, the yolks of eggs beaten very light with

the cream, the lemon juice and rind and lastly the whites of eggs beaten

to a stiff froth. Line a dish with puff paste, pour the mixture in and

bake in a moderate oven three-quarters of an hour.

Other Recipes

Cocoanut Pie

Cut off the brown part of the cocoanut--grate the white part, and mix it

with milk, and set it on the fire, and let it boil slowly eight or ten

minutes. To a pound of the grated cocoanut allow a quart of milk, eight

eggs, four table-spoonsful of sifted white sugar, a glass of wine, a

small cracker, pounded fine, two table-spoonsful of melted butter, and

half a nutmeg. The eggs and sugar should be beaten together to a froth,

then the wine stirred in. Put them into the milk and cocoanut, which

should be first allowed to get quite cool--add the cracker and

nutmeg--turn the whole into deep pie plates, with a lining and rim of

puff paste. Bake them as soon as turned into the plates.

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