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Coffee should be bought in small quantities and kept in air-tight cans,
and freshly ground as needed. To have perfect coffee, use an earthen or
china pot, and have the water boiling when turned onto the coffee. Like
tea, the results will not be right if the water is allowed to fall below
the boiling point before it is used. Have the coffee ground to a fine
powder in order to get its full flavor as well as strength.

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Soak one-half ounce of yeast in one-half cup of lukewarm milk; when
dissolved put in a bowl, or round agate pan, and stir in one cup of
sifted flour, one teaspoon of sugar and one-fourth teaspoon of salt, mix
thoroughly, and put in a warm place (not hot) to rise, from one to two
When well risen, cream well together one cup of sugar and three-fourths
cup of butter, then add three eggs, five cups of sifted flour, one cup
of milk and one teaspoon of salt, mix together until light, then stir in
the risen yeast, and with a spoon work well for ten minutes, and set
aside to rise again, five or six hours or all night. Dough should not be
very stiff. When well risen it can be used for cinnamon cake, pies or
pocket books. This recipe makes one large cinnamon cake, three pies, and
about one dozen pocket books. If set at night use half the quantity of

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Pour a bunt kitchen dough into long, well-buttered tins, and when baked
remove from the oven and cover thickly with boiled chocolate icing.

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Soak one cake of compressed yeast in a little lukewarm water or milk.
Put the yeast in a cup, add two tablespoons of lukewarm water, a pinch
of salt and one tablespoon of sugar, stir it up well with a spoon and
set back of the stove to rise. Rub one-half cup of butter to a cream,
add one-third cup of powdered sugar and stir constantly in one
direction. Add the yolks of four eggs, one at a time, and the grated
peel of a lemon. Sift two cups of flour into a bowl, make a depression
in the centre of the flour, pour in the yeast and one cup of lukewarm
milk. Stir and make a light batter of this. Add the creamed butter and
eggs, stir until it forms blisters and leaves the bowl clean; one-half
cup of dark raisins, one-half cup of pounded almonds and a little
citron, cut up very fine, and last the stiff-beaten whites of the eggs.
Fill your cake forms which have been well-greased, set in a warm place
to rise until double in bulk, about forty-five minutes, and bake in a
moderate oven forty-five minutes. Fill the centre with whipped cream and
serve with rum sauce.

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This German coffee cake is made by kneading into a pint of bread dough
one well-beaten egg, one-half cup of sugar, and a generous tablespoon of
butter. The mixture is rolled flat, placed in a shallow pan, let rise
again until very light, sprinkled with finely chopped nuts, dusted over
with sugar and cinnamon and baked in a quick oven.

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Cream one-half cup of butter with one cup of sugar, add three eggs, one
and one-half cups of flour, two teaspoons of baking-powder, mixed with
the flour, and one-half cup of milk. Mix well together; bake in a long
bread or cake pan, and have on top chopped almonds, sugar and cinnamon.

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Put three cups of warmed-over or freshly made coffee in a small
casserole, add two tablespoons of powdered sugar, one-half teaspoon of
vanilla. When at boiling point (do not let it boil), add one cup of milk
or cream. Then add one tablespoon of cornstarch which has been moistened
with cold water. Stir in while cooking till it is smooth and glossy.
When the cake is cool, pour mixture over the layers.

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Make same as Vanilla Ice Cream No. 2. Flavor with one and one-half
tablespoons of mocha extract, add one cup of grated walnuts. Freeze.

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Allow one tablespoon of coffee to each cup of boiling water. Mix coffee
with two tablespoons of cold water. Clean egg shells and put in the pot.
Allow this to come to a boil and add boiling water, bring to a boil and
boil for one minute; add a tablespoon of cold water to assist the
grounds in settling. Stand the pot where it will keep hot, but not boil,
for five minutes; then serve at once, as coffee allowed to stand becomes
flat and loses its aroma. Most cooks use a clean shell or a little of
the white of an egg if they do not use the whole. Others beat the whole
egg, with a little water, but use only a part of it, keeping the rest
for further use in a covered glass in the ice-chest. Cream is usually
served with coffee, but scalded milk renders the coffee more digestible
than does cream. Fill the cup one-fourth full of hot scalded milk; pour
on the freshly made coffee, adding sugar.

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Place one cup of finely ground coffee in the strainer of the percolator;
place the strainer in the pot and place over the heat. Add gradually six
cups of boiling water and allow it to filter. Serve at once.

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For making this the coffee must be pulverized, and it should be made
over an alcohol lamp with a little brass Turkish pot. Measure into your
pot as many after-dinner coffee cups of water as you wish cups of
coffee. Bring the water to a boil and drop a heaping teaspoon of the
powdered coffee to each cup on top of the water and allow it to settle.
Add one, two or three coffeespoons of powdered sugar, as desired. Put
the pot again over the flame; bring the coffee to a boil three times,
and pour into the cups. The grounds of the coffee are of course thick in
the liquid, so one lets the coffee stand a moment in the cup before

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