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Cold Boiled Beef To Dress

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

When your rump or brisket of beef has been well boiled in plain water,

about an hour before you serve it up take it out of the water, and put

it in a pot just large enough to contain it. There let it stew, with a

little of its own liquor, salt, basil, and laurel; and, having drained,

put it into the dish on which it is to be served for table, and pour

over it a sauce, which you must have previously ready, made with gravy,

salt, whole pepper, and a dash of vinegar, thickened over the stove with

the yolks of three eggs or more, according to the size of the beef and

the quantity of sauce wanted. Then cover beef and all with finely grated

bread; baste it with butter, and brown it with a salamander.

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