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Collar Of Beef

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Bone the navel and navel round; make sufficient pickle to cover it, as

strong as to bear an egg, with bay salt; beat two ounces of saltpetre

very fine, and strew half of it on your beef before you lay it in your

pickle. Then lay it in an earthen pan, and press it down in the liquor

with a weight, as it must be all covered. Let it remain thus for four or

five days, stirring it however once every day. Take it out, let the

brine drain from it, lay it on a table, and season it with nutmeg,

pepper, cloves, and mace, some parsley, thyme, and sweet marjoram, of

each a little, and eight anchovies sliced; roll it up with these like

brawn, and bind it quite fast with strong tape. Then put it into a pan,

deep enough for it to stand upright; fill the pan with water, and cover

it with paste. Make your oven very hot, put it in, and let it remain

there five or six hours; then take it out, and, having removed the tape,

roll it in a cloth; hang it up till cold. If you think it not salt

enough, before you bake it, put a little salt with your spice and herbs,

for baking in water abates much of its saltness.

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