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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

These are made in a similar way to Cumberland pudding, with the
omission of the apples, they are made in balls, and fried or baked in
cups. A sweet sauce is served with them.

Other Recipes

College Puddings

Mix well together eight ounces of dried and sifted

bread crumbs, (cost three cents,) two ounces of very finely chopped

suet, (cost two cents,) two ounces of currants, two eggs, and two ounces

of sugar, (cost together five cents,) a teaspoonful of salt, three

grates of nutmeg, and sufficient milk to moisten, about one cents'

worth; make the puddings up in little round balls, roll them first in

sifted bread crumbs; next dip them in beaten egg, and then roll them

again in bread crumbs; fry them in plenty of hot fat, and serve them

with sugar dusted over them. Five cents will cover the cost of frying

them; and a nice dishful will cost you about eighteen cents.

Other Recipes

College Pudding No 1

Beat up four eggs, with two ounces of flour, half a nutmeg, a little

ginger, and three ounces of sugar pounded, beaten to a smooth batter;

then add six ounces of suet chopped fine, six of currants well washed

and picked, and a glass of brandy, or white wine. These puddings are

generally fried in butter or lard, but they are better baked in an oven

in pattypans; twenty minutes will bake them; if fried, fry them till of

a nice light brown, or roll them in a little flour. You may add an ounce

of orange or citron minced very fine. When you bake them, add one more

egg, or two spoonfuls of milk.

Other Recipes

College Pudding No 2

Take of bread crumb, suet, very finely chopped, currants, and moist

sugar, half a pound of each, and four eggs, leaving out one white, well

beaten. Mix all well together, and add a quarter of a pint of white

wine, leaving part of it for the sauce. Add a little nutmeg and salt.

Boil it a full half hour in tea-cups; or you may fry it. This quantity

will make six. Pour over them melted butter, sugar, and wine.

Other Recipes

College Pudding No 3

A quarter of a pound of biscuit powder, a quarter of a pound of beef

suet, a quarter of a pound of currants, nicely picked and washed,

nutmeg, a glass of raisin wine, a few bitter almonds pounded,

lemon-peel, and a little juice. Fry ten minutes in beef dripping, and

send to table in wine sauce. Half these ingredients will make eight


Other Recipes

College Pudding No 4

A quarter of a pound of grated bread, the same quantity of currants, the

same of suet shred fine, a small quantity of sugar, and some nutmeg: mix

all well together. Take two eggs, and make it with them into cakes; fry

them of a light brown in butter. Serve them with butter, sugar, and


Other Recipes

New College Pudding

Grate a penny white loaf, and put to it a quarter of a pound of

currants, nicely picked and washed, a quarter of a pound of beef suet,

minced small, some nutmeg, salt, and as much cream and eggs as will make

it almost as stiff as paste. Then make it up in the form of eggs: put

them into a stewpan, with a quarter of a pound of butter melted in the

bottom; lay them in one by one; set them over a clear charcoal fire;

and, when they are brown, turn them till they are brown all over. Send

them to table with wine sauce.

Lemon-peel and a little juice may be added to the pudding.

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