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(Muffins And Biscuits) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Beat the yolks and whites of two eggs separately. Add to this two cups
of flour, of which one is a full cup of white and three-quarters of the
corn-meal. This must be sifted three times. Put into this flour two
teaspoons of baking-powder, together with a pinch of salt. Mix the
prepared flour with a little boiling water, adding the eggs; also a
little sugar may be put in, if desired. Then add enough tepid milk to
make the mixture into a batter, after which pour into your pans; or, if
corn-bread is desired, into the plain pan (thin). Bake in a quick oven.
This quantity makes a dozen muffins. Butter your pan well, or the small
gem-pans, according to which is used, and in so doing heat the pan a

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