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From MRS. FRONA EUNICE WAIT, of California, Alternate Lady Manager.
To make a good stock for noodle soup, take a small shank of beef, one
of mutton, and another of veal; have the bones cracked and boil them
together for twenty-four hours. Put with them two good sized potatoes,
a carrot, a turnip, an onion, and some celery. Salt and pepper to
taste. If liked, a bit of bay leaf may be added. When thoroughly well-
done, strain through a colander and set aside until required for use.
For the noodles, use one egg for an ordinary family, and more in
proportion to quantity required. Break the eggs into the flour, add a
little salt, and mix into a rather stiff dough. Roll very thin and cut
into fine bits. Let them dry for two hours, then drop them into the
boiling stock about ten minutes before serving.

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Take a can of corn or six ears of corn. Run a sharp knife down through
the center of each row of kernels, and with the back of a knife press
out the pulp, leaving the husk on the cob. Break the cobs and put them
on to boil in sufficient cold water to cover them. Boil thirty minutes
and strain the liquor. Return the liquor to the fire, and when boiling
add the corn pulp and bay leaf. Cook fifteen minutes; add the cream
sauce and serve.
Place two cups of milk, two cups of water, one small onion, salt and
pepper to taste in a saucepan, and boil for ten minutes, add two
herrings which have been previously soaked and cut in small pieces; cook
until herring is tender.

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Cover a soup bone with water, and boil one hour. Add some cabbage and
onion (cut fine). Boil two hours longer. Add twelve ears of grated
sweet corn. Season to taste.

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Corn Soup

Take three ears of corn, remove the corn from the cob and boil the cobs

in three pints of soup stock or water very slowly one half hour. Remove

the cobs, put in the corn and boil twenty minutes, then rub the corn

through a sieve and add salt and pepper to taste. Boil up again and stir

into the soup a tablespoonful of flour and butter mixed. When it

thickens add one cupful of boiling milk. Let this new mixture come to a

boil, add one well beaten egg and serve.

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Corn Soup

One can cornlet or corn, one pint cold water, one quart heated milk, two

tablespoonfuls butter, one tablespoonful chopped onion, two

tablespoonfuls flour, two teaspoonfuls salt, one-fourth teaspoonful

white pepper, yolks of two eggs. Chop corn, cook it with the water

twenty minutes; melt butter, add chopped onions and cook until light

brown; add flour, and when thoroughly mixed add milk gradually. Add this

mixture to corn and season with salt, pepper, rub through sieve, heat

again. Beat yolk of eggs, put them in soup tureen, and pour soup over

them very slowly. When mixed serve immediately.

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Cream Of Corn Soup

Put one pint of milk in a double boiler, add one pint of grated corn,

two teaspoonfuls of salt; rub together one tablespoonful of flour and

one of butter. Add them to the soup when boiling. Just before serving

add one-half pint of whipped cream.

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Corn Soup

Cook in two tablespoons of butter one onion and one sprig of parsley

(cut fine) for five minutes. Add one cup of chopped corn and a cup of

hot water in which has been dissolved one half teaspoon of Armour's

Extract of Beef. Cook fifteen minutes. Add salt, pepper, one cup of

milk, and bind with two tablespoons of flour and butter blended. Serve

with toasted croutons.--MISS AMANDA STEVENS, SOUTH LEE, N. H.

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