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(Belgian) - (The Belgian Cook-book)

And yet this is only fried eggs after all! Put some oil on to heat; if
you have not oil use butter, but oil is the best. When the bluish steam
rises it is hot enough. Break an egg into a little flat dish, tip up the
frying pan at the handle side, and slip the egg into it, then with a
wooden spoon turn the egg over on itself; that is, roll the white of it
over the yolk as it slips into the pan. If you cannot manage this, let
the egg heat for a second, and then roll the white over the yolk with a
wooden spoon. Do each egg in this way, and as soon as one is done let it
drain and keep warm by the fire. When all are done put them in a circle,
in a dish, and pour round them a very hot sauce, either made with
tomatoes, or flavored with vinegar and mustard.

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