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Cowslip Wine No 2

(Wines, Cordials, Liqueurs, &c.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To a gallon of water put three pounds of lump sugar; boil them together

for an hour, skimming all the while. Pour it upon the cowslips, and,

when milk warm, put into it a toast, with yest spread pretty thick upon

it; let it stand all night, and then add two lemons and two Seville

oranges to each gallon. Stir it well in a tub twice a day for two or

three days; then turn it; stir it every day for a fortnight, and bung it

up close. It will be fit for bottling in six weeks. To every gallon of

water you must take a gallon of cowslips. They must be perfectly dry

before they are used, and there should be as many gallons of cowslips as

gallons of water; they should be measured as they are picked, and turned

into the cask. Dissolve an ounce of isinglass, and put to it when cold.

The lemons must be peeled.

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