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(Jellies) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take eight quarts of Siberian crab-apples, cut up in pieces, leaving in
the seeds, and do not pare. Put into a stone jar, and set on the back of
the stove to boil slowly, adding four quarts of water. Let them boil,
closely covered all day, then put in a jelly-bag and let them drip all
night. Boil a pint of juice at a time, with a pound of sugar to every
pint of juice. Boil five minutes steadily, each pint exactly five
minutes. Now weigh another pound of sugar and measure another pint of
juice. Keep on in this way and you will be through before you realize
it. There is no finer or firmer jelly than this. It should be a bright
amber in color, and of fine flavor. You may press the pulp that remains
in the jelly-bag through a coarse strainer, add the juice of two lemons
and as much sugar as you have pulp, and cook to a jam.

Other Recipes

Crab-apple Jelly

Wash apples, remove blossom and stem ends, put them whole into a

porcelain-lined preserving kettle, add cold water to nearly cover

apples, cover and cook slowly until soft. Mash and drain through

cheese-cloth or coarse sieve. It makes the jelly cloudy to squeeze the

apples. Now allow juice to drip through a jelly bag or through two

thicknesses of cheese-cloth, boil twenty minutes and add equal quantity

of sugar, boil five minutes, skim and turn in glasses. Let the glasses

stand in a sunny window twenty-four hours. A sprig of rose geranium

dropped in syrup while it is boiling the last time will give the jelly a

delicious and unusual flavor.

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