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Cream Cake

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One cup of butter, one cup of cream or sour milk, two cups of sugar,

three cups of flour, four eggs, one teaspoon soda mixed in vinegar and

stirred in at the last. Bake in shallow tins.

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2 cups Sugar.
2 tablespoonfuls butter.
1 cup sweet milk.
3 cups flour.
3 eggs.
2 teaspoonfuls Royal baking powder.
Add the stiffly beaten whites of eggs last and bake in two layers.
Flavor with lemon or vanilla.

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Two cups of pulverized sugar, 1 cup of butter, 1 cup sweet milk,
whites of 8 eggs, 1 teaspoonful soda, 2 teaspoonfuls of cream of
tartar, 3 cups of flour. From same proportions of everything, only
using the 8 yolks instead of whites of eggs, may be made a yellow
cake, thus having two good sized layer cakes with alternate layers of
white and yellow. Put cakes together with white icing. This was an old
recipe of Aunt Sarah's mother, used when cream of tartar and soda took
the place of baking powder.

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One-half cup butter, two cups sugar, one cup sweet milk, three eggs
(yolks and whites beaten separately), three cups flour, three
teaspoonfuls baking powder.
FILLING.--One cup sugar, two teaspoonfuls butter, two eggs, and the
grated rind and juice of two lemons; mix all together, and boil to
consistency of jelly. Spread between layers, and dust powdered sugar
on top.

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Boil together one cupful of sugar and a half cupful of water until they
spin a heavy thread, and pour slowly, beating all the while, into the
well-beaten whites of two eggs. Beat until rather stiff and cold. When the
cakes are cold, spread one-third of this filling over one cake, cover with
thin slices of red bananas, put on another cake, on this another third of
filling and bananas, and the remaining cake; cover this with the remaining
filling, and dust thickly with chopped nuts. Do not let this stand too
long, or the filling will absorb moisture from the bananas and run down the

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From MRS. VIRGINIA T, SMITH, of Connecticut, Alternate Lady Manager.
Two pounds best pastry flour; one pound shortening (half butter and
half lard); one pound and two ounces sugar; whites of two eggs; one
nutmeg; half a pound of raisins (loose Muscatels); quarter teaspoon of
mace; one tablespoon of lemon juice; one tablespoon extract of orange;
half teaspoon salt; half a compressed yeast cake, and two ounces of
citron. Work the shortening and sugar to a cream; then rub half of it
into the flour; dissolve the yeast cake in a little warm water; mix
the flour and yeast with sufficient milk (about one and a half pints
that has been scalded and cooled) to make a batter about like graham
bread; work with the hands for at least twenty minutes; make at night
and set in a moderately warm room to rise; in the morning add the
remainder of the shortening and sugar; work again with the hands, as
when first made, for fifteen or twenty minutes, and set to rise again.
Seed and cut the raisins, grate the nutmeg and sprinkle that and the
mace over the raisins. When the cake is light, add first the lemon
juice, then extract of orange and whites of eggs, well beaten; stir in
fruit well floured: dip into three pans, buttered and lined with
paper. Let it stand until it begins to rise--it will come up very
quickly in the oven if it has been twice well raised. Have oven hot
enough to check the rising after it has reached the top of the pans;
after it begins to brown, check the fire and let it bake rather slowly
the remainder of the time. Whole time, one hour and a quarter.

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Maple Cream Cake

One cup of sugar, two eggs, two tablespoonfuls butter, a little less

than two cups of flour, two teaspoonfuls baking powder. Bake in two

tins. Frosting, one cup and a half of maple sugar, one half cup cream,

boil until quite thick then beat until it creams, add the white of one

egg, keep beating until thick.

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Boston Cream Cake


Boil one quarter pound butter in one half pint of water. Stir in while

boiling six ounces of flour. Take from the fire and stir in gradually

(when it has cooled a few minutes) five eggs well beaten. Add one

quarter teaspoon soda and a little salt. Above recipe makes about two

dozens cakes. They must be baked from twenty minutes to half an hour. Be

sure to let them bake enough. Do not think them burning unless you see

them doing so.

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Cream Cake

Yolk of four eggs, one cup granulated sugar, beat very well; four

tablespoonfuls hot water, add one-half cup sifted flour, one and

one-half teaspoonful baking powder, four beaten whites, moderate oven,

flavor, three yolks eggs, three tablespoonfuls sugar, one pint milk,

pinch of salt, one and one-half teaspoonful cornstarch, flavor.

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French Cream Cake

Three eggs, one cup granulated sugar, one and one-half cup flour, four

tablespoonfuls cold water, one teaspoonful baking powder. This is enough

for two cakes, baked in pie pans, to be split while warm, spreading the

hot custard between them. For custard, boil nearly one pint sweet milk,

mix two tablespoonfuls cornstarch with a half teacup sweet milk, add two

well-beaten eggs; when milk has boiled, add nearly a cup sugar, and add

gradually the cornstarch and eggs, stirring briskly; add a half cup

butter, stirring until dissolved. Flavor with one teaspoonful vanilla

and spread between cakes while hot.

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Whipped Cream Cake

Cream together two tablespoons of Armour's Simon Pure Leaf Lard and one

cup of sugar. Add a well-beaten egg and half cup of milk. Stir in two

and one fourth cups of sifted flour to which have been added two

teaspoons of baking powder, and vanilla. Bake in layers in moderate oven

about fifteen minutes. When ready to serve, whip one half pint of cream,

add two teaspoons of sugar and a little vanilla. Spread between layers

and on top layer. Serve on dessert plate with fork.--MRS. WALDO BOGLE,


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