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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Break three stalks of celery in one-inch pieces and pound in a mortar.
Cook in double boiler with one slice of onion and three cups of milk for
twenty minutes. Remove onion, heat two tablespoons of butter, add two
tablespoons of flour, one-fourth teaspoon of pepper, one teaspoon of
salt; first two-thirds of a cup, and gradually the rest of the celery
broth, add one cup of cream; cook until smooth and serve at once.

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Cream Of Celery Soup


One quart chicken or veal broth; one quart milk; one half cupful rice;

one teaspoonful salt; one head celery; seasoning. Use for this soup a

quart of chicken or veal broth and about a quart of milk; pick over and

wash the rice, rinse it well in cold water, and put it in a thick

saucepan over the fire with a pint of milk and a teaspoonful of salt;

wash a head of celery and grate the white stalks, letting the grated

celery fall into milk enough to cover it; put the grated celery with the

rice and gently simmer them together until the rice is tender enough to

rub through a sieve with a potato masher, adding more milk if the rice

absorbs what has first been put with it. After the rice has been rubbed

through the sieve, return it to the saucepan, place it again over the

fire, and gradually stir with it the quart of stock or broth; if this

quantity of stock does not dilute the soup to a creamy consistency, add

a little milk; let the soup get scalding hot, season it with salt, white

pepper, and a very little grated nutmeg, and serve at once.

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Cream Of Celery Soup

A pint of milk, a tablespoonful of flour, one of butter, a head of

celery, a large slice of onion and a small piece of mace, a little salt.

Boil celery in one pint of water from thirty to forty-five minutes; boil

mace, onion and milk together; mix flour with two tablespoonfuls of cold

milk. Cook ten minutes. Mash celery in water it has been cooked in and

stir in boiling milk. Strain and serve.

Other Recipes

Cream Of Celery Soup

4 teacups of chopped celery, 1 quart of milk; boil celery soft (saving

water it is boiled in); rub celery through fine sieve; mix celery and

milk. Take 1 heaping tablespoonful of flour, 1 even tablespoonful of

butter, 1 scant teaspoonful of salt. If desired, can boil celery in the

morning, then about half an hour before dinner take milk, flour, butter,

salt and celery and boil together, stirring constantly so it will cook

evenly. When the consistency of cream, it is ready for use.

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