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Cream Of Chicken Or Fowl

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

For this purpose fowls are preferable, because the breasts are larger.

Take two chickens, cut off the breast, and roast them; the remainder put

in a stewpan with two pounds of the sinewy part of a knuckle of veal.

Boil the whole together to make a little clear good broth: when the

breasts are roasted, and your broth made, take all the white of the

breast, put it in a small stewpan, and add to it the broth clean and

clear. It will be better to cut the white of the chickens quite fine,

and, when you find that it is boiled soft, proceed in the same manner as

for cream of rice and pass it. Just in the same way, make it of the

thickness you judge proper, and warm in the same manner as the cream of

rice: put in a little salt if it is approved of.

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