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Cream Of Corn

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Use one can of corn for one quart of soup. Crush it thoroughly with

pestle or potato-masher to free the pulp from the tough outside coating;

rub through a fine colander, then through a sieve. Add one teacupful of

cream to the strained pulp and enough milk to make a quart altogether.

Put in a dash of cayenne pepper, a piece of butter the size of a

filbert, and salt to taste--it requires a surprising amount of salt to

bring out the flavor. Use a double boiler as it burns easily. Serve very

hot stirring well before taking up.

Other Recipes

Cream Of Corn Soup

Put one pint of milk in a double boiler, add one pint of grated corn,

two teaspoonfuls of salt; rub together one tablespoonful of flour and

one of butter. Add them to the soup when boiling. Just before serving

add one-half pint of whipped cream.

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