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Cream Of Rice

(50 Soups)

Wash thoroughly a half pound of rice; pick out all

imperfect or colored grains; put it into a saucepan and add two quarts

of stock. Boil slowly for one hour; then rub the rice through a sieve

twice; return it to the stock; season with salt and pepper. Care must be

exercised that the rice does not adhere to the bottom of the saucepan.

Simmer until wanted. Beat up the yolks of two eggs; add them slowly to a

quart of warm, milk previously boiled; whisk the milk into the soup,

which must not be very hot; then pour it into a hot tureen, and serve.

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Cream Of Rice

Wash carefully a third of a cup of rice and put it on the fire in a pint

of boiling water with a white onion and a stick of celery, let it cook

slowly for an hour, then stir in a quart of milk and let it come to a

boil, add a heaping tablespoonful of butter, and press through a puree

sieve. Put the soup back on the fire while beating an egg yolk with two

tablespoonfuls of cream and a teaspoonful of parsley minced very fine.

Remove the soup from the fire, stir in the egg and cream, pour into the

tureen and serve.

Other Recipes

Cream Of Rice

Wash and well clean some very good rice; put it into a stewpan, with

water, and boil it gently till quite soft, with a little cinnamon, if

agreeable to the taste. When the rice is boiled quite soft, take out the

cinnamon. Then take a large dish, and set it on a table: have a clean

tamis--a new one would be better--a tamis is only the piece of flannel

commonly used in kitchens for passing sauces through--and give one end

of the tamis to a person on the opposite side of the table to hold,

while you hold the other end with your left hand. Having a large wooden

spoon in your right, you put two or three spoonfuls of boiled rice into

this tamis, which is held over the large dish, and rub the rice upon it

with the spoon till it passes through into the dish. Whatever sticks to

the tamis take off with a silver spoon and put into the dish. When you

have passed the quantity you want, put it in a basin. It should be made

fresh every day. Warm it for use in a small silver or tin saucepan,

adding a little sugar and Madeira, according to your taste.

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