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Cream Slaw

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Chop a crisp head of cabbage fine, place in the individual dishes in

which it is to be served; fill a cup with white sugar, moisten it with

vinegar, add a cup of sour cream beaten until smooth, mix thoroughly,

pour over the cabbage and serve at once.


The following is a favorite dish in Holland:--Put together in a

saucepan, either porcelain or a perfect granite one, a small head of red

cabbage shredded, four tart apples peeled and sliced, one large

tablespoonful of butter or of drippings, a teaspoonful of salt, a half

teaspoonful of pepper, and a little sprinkling of cheese or nutmeg; stew

over a slow fire at least three hours. Mix together one tablespoonful of

vinegar, a little flour and one tablespoonful of currant jelly, just

before taking from the fire add this mixture to the cabbage, boil up

once or twice and serve.

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