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Cream To Fry

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take two spoonfuls of fine flour and the yolks of four eggs; grate in

the rind of one lemon; beat them well with the flour, and add a pint of

cream. Mix these very well together; sweeten to your taste, and add a

bit of cinnamon. Put the whole in a stewpan over a slow fire; continue

to stir it until it is quite hot; but it must not boil. Take out the

cinnamon; beat two eggs very well, and put them into the cream; butter a

pewter dish; pour the cream in it; put it into a warm oven to set, but

not to colour it. When cold, cut it into pieces, and have ready a

stewpan or frying-pan, with a good deal of lard; dredge the cream with

flour; fry the pieces of a light brown, grate sugar over them, glaze

with a salamander, and serve them very hot.

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