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(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Water cress has a pleasant and highly pungent flavor that makes it

valuable as a salad or garniture. Tear water cress apart with the

fingers and put them loosely in a bowl to clean; use cold water; break

off the roots, do not use a knife; dress with salt, vinegar, and a

little powdered sugar. Some send them to the table without any dressing

and eat them with a little salt.

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Grate six carrots, and chop some onions with a lettuce, adding a few
sweet herbs, put them all into a stewpan, with enough of good broth
to moisten the whole, adding occasionally the remainder; when nearly
done, put in the crumb of a French roll, and when soaked, strain the
whole through a sieve, and serve hot in a tureen.

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Cucumber And Cress Salad

Pare two cucumbers and cut them into quarters, lengthwise, then into

half-inch pieces. Pick over, wash and drain a pint of fresh cress, and

dry in a cloth. Add the cucumbers; mix and turn into the salad-bowl and

pour over a French dressing, made by mixing together four tablespoonfuls

of olive oil, one-quarter of a teaspoonful of salt, and the same of

white pepper, then dropping in, while stirring quickly, one

tablespoonful of tarragon or plain vinegar, or lemon juice.

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Water Cress Soup

Look over carefully one large bunch of water cress and chop it fine.

Melt one large tablespoonful of butter in a granite stew-pan, add the

cress and one teaspoonful of lemon juice. Cook about ten minutes, until

the cress is tender. Do not let it burn. Add one egg, well beaten, with

one heaping teaspoonful of flour, also one saltspoonful of salt and two

dashes of pepper. Then pour in three pints of well-flavored soup stock.

Let boil five minutes longer and serve with croutons.

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Water Cresses To Stew

When the cresses are nicely picked and well washed, put them into a

stewpan with a little butter under them. Let them stew on a clear fire

until almost done; then rub them through a sieve; put them again into a

pan, with a dust of flour, a little salt, and a spoonful of good cream:

give it a boil, and dish it up with sippets. The cream may be omitted,

and the cresses may be boiled in salt and water before they are rubbed

through the sieve, and afterwards stewed, but it takes the strength out,

therefore it is best not to boil them first.

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