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Cucumber Catsup

(Vaughanís Vegetable Cook Book)

Take twelve large, full-grown cucumbers and four onions. Peel the

cucumbers and take the skin off the onions; grate them, and let the pulp

drain through a sieve for several hours, then season highly with salt

and pepper, and add good cider vinegar until the pickle tastes strongly

of it, and it rises a little to the top. Put it in jars or wide-mouthed

bottles, and cork or seal them so as to be airtight. The pickle tastes

more like the fresh cucumber than anything else, and will pay for the


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Cucumber Catsup

3 medium-sized cucumbers grated, but not peeled, 1 large onion grated, 1

tablespoon salt, 3 teaspoons white pepper, 1 tablespoon grated horse

radish, 1 pint vinegar. Bottle for use.

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