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(Salads) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pare thickly, from end to end, and lay in ice-water one hour; wipe them,
slice thin, and slice an onion equally thin. Strew salt over them, shake
up a few times, cover and let remain in this brine for another hour.
Then squeeze or press out every drop of water which has been extracted
from the cucumbers. Put into a salad bowl, sprinkle with white pepper
and scatter bits of parsley over them; add enough vinegar to cover. You
may slice up an equal quantity of white or red radishes and mix with
this salad.

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Thinly slice one large green cucumber and one medium-sized onion (if
liked). Sprinkle over about one teaspoonful of salt. Allow to stand a
short time, then place in a piece of cheese-cloth and squeeze out all
the moisture possible. Place cucumbers, when drained, in the dish in
which they are to be served, add a couple tablespoonfuls of sour
vinegar, mix well. Then pour over enough thick sour cream to half
cover and a dust of pepper. Cucumbers are considered less unwholesome,
prepared in this manner.

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Two dozen large cucumbers, six white onions, chopped fine; salt well,
and drain twelve hours; add white mustard seed and celery seed; cover
with strong vinegar.

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Irish Cucumber Salad.

Take 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk, 4 tablespoonfuls of sugar, 1 teaspoonful
of flour. Beat whites separate; add flour to the yolks and sugar; beat
until stiff. Beat the whites and scald in milk; strain from the milk,
and set aside. Take the yolk, and stir gently in the milk until thick.
Remove from the fire. Place in a dish to cool. Flavor with vanilla and
then put the whites on top and serve.

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Cucumber Salad

Peel the cucumbers, slice as thin as possible, cover with salt, let

stand one hour covered, then put in colander and let cold water run over

them until all the salt is off. Make a bed of cress or lettuce leaves

and pour over French dressing; or prepare as above, pour over vinegar,

give a little dash of cayenne pepper and add sour cream. Cucumbers

sliced very thin with a mayonnaise dressing make a very excellent

sandwich filling.

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Cucumber Salad Cups

Choose medium sized cucumbers, pare carefully and cut off the two ends,

cut them in halves lengthwise, take out the seeds and put the cucumbers

into ice water for two hours. When ready for use wipe the cucumbers dry,

set them on a bed of lettuce leaves, asparagus leaves, cress, parsley or

any other pretty garniture, and fill the shells with lobster, salmon or

shrimp salad, asparagus, potato or vegetable salad, mix with mayonnaise

before stuffing and put a little more on top afterwards.

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17 Boiled Cucumber Salad

For those who cannot eat raw cucumbers a very nice salad is made by

peeling and then boiling until tender, the cucumbers. When icy cold

slice thin, lay the slices on lettuce leaves and pour a mayonnaise

dressing over. Garnish with a few round, red radishes.

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8 Cucumber Salad

Peal and slice 3 cucumbers; leave them in ice water until wanted, then

cover with French dressing.

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Tomato-cucumber Salad

Take nice shaped tomatoes, remove skin, scoop out the seed, sprinkle

with salt and put in cool place. Cut cucumbers in bits, fill the

tomatoes and serve with whipped cream, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

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Egg And Cucumber Salad

Cut one hard boiled egg in thin slices. Cut as many very thin slices

from a chilled cucumber as there are slices of egg. Arrange in the

form of a circle (alternating egg and cucumber), having slices overlap

each other. Fill in center with chicory or watercress. Serve with

salad dressing.

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Sweetbread And Cucumber Salad

Mix two tablespoons cold cooked sweetbread cut in cubes, one

tablespoon cucumber cubes, and one-half tablespoon finely chopped

celery. Beat one and one-half tablespoons heavy cream until stiff,

then add one-eighth teaspoon granulated gelatin dissolved in one

teaspoon boiling water and three-fourths teaspoon vinegar. Set in a

pan of ice water and as mixture begins to thicken, add sweetbreads and

vegetables. Mould and chill. Remove from mould, arrange on lettuce

leaves, and garnish top with a slice of cucumbers and sprig of


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