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Cucumbers No 1

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Gather young cucumbers, commonly called gherkins--the small long sort

are considered the best--wipe them very clean with a cloth; boil some

salt and water, and pour over them; keep them close covered. Repeat this

every day till they are green, putting fresh water every other day: let

them stand near the fire, just to keep warm; the brine must be strong

enough to bear an egg. When they are green, boil some white wine

vinegar, pour it over them, put some mace in with them, and cover them

with leather. It is better to put the salt and water to them once only,

and they should be boiled up over the fire, in the vinegar, in a

bell-metal kettle, with some vine leaves over, to green them. A brass

kettle will not hurt, if very clean, and the cucumbers are turned out of

it as soon as off the fire.

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