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Cucumbers No 2

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

In a large earthen pan mix spring water and salt well together, taking

two pounds of salt to every gallon of water. Throw in your cucumbers,

wash them well, and let them remain for twelve hours; then drain and

wipe them very dry, and put them into a jar. Put into a bell-metal pot a

gallon of the best white wine vinegar, half an ounce of cloves and of

mace, one ounce of allspice, one ounce of mustard-seed, a stick of

horseradish sliced, six bay-leaves, a little dill, two or three races of

ginger, a nutmeg cut in pieces, and a handful of salt. Boil all

together, and pour it over the cucumbers. Cover them close down, and let

them stand twenty-four hours, then pour off the vinegar from them, boil

it, pour it over them again, and cover them close: repeat this process

every day till they are green. Then tie them down with bladder and

leather; set them in a cool dry place, and they will keep for three or

four years. Beans may be pickled in the same manner.

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