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Cucumbers Sliced

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take cucumbers not full grown, slice them into a pewter dish; to twelve

cucumbers put three or four onions sliced, and as you do them strew salt

on them; cover them with a pewter dish, and let them stand twenty-four

hours. Then take out the onions, strain the liquor from the cucumbers

through a colander, and put them in a well glazed jar, with a pickle

made of white wine vinegar, distilled in a cold still, with seasoning of

mace, cloves, and pepper. The pickle must be poured boiling hot upon

them, and then cover them down as close as possible. In four or five

days take them out of the pickle, boil it, and pour it on as before,

keeping the jar very close. Repeat this three times; cover the jar with

a bladder, and leather over it; the cucumbers will keep the whole year,

and be of a fine sea-green, but perhaps not of so fine colour when first

you open them; they will become so, however, if the vinegar is really


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